Welcome back to Adoring Scarlett Johansson–as you can see, at long last, the site has received a much-needed overhaul. I absolutely loved the previous designs, but after almost two and a half years it was time for a change. With the change in designs I have also tweaked much of the site content, which is now almost fully up-to-date. A huge thank you to the lovely Lora and Siny for their coding and design work.

However, the biggest and most time-consuming change has been reuploading our gallery to a new url. It features everything that was previously available in our first version, but with some additional photos and reorganizing that I felt was desperately needed. When we changed hosting services back in 2015, some photos were lost in the process and the gallery was still trying to display them. There’s still some tweaking to do here and there, as well as adding photos and captures from Scarlett’s recent Saturday Night Live and talk show appearances, but for the most part the site is now back and functioning again. I hope you like the changes, and please feel free to contact me if you come across any issues.

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