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Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.
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Welcome to the Adoring Scarlett Johansson press archives, where you’ll find online articles, interviews and magazine features of Scarlett from throughout her career. We aim to make this section as complete a resource as you’d hope to find, so if you have any articles that we may be missing, be sure to contact us so we can add it in. The archives will be updated as often as possible, allowing fans to have a reliable way of keeping track of Scarlett’s latest interviews.

Magazine and Press Articles from 2017

2017/03: Scarlett Johansson on politics, Ghost in the Shell and loving NYC – Time Out New York
2017/03: Scarlett Johansson, charismatic queen of science fiction – The Guardian
2017/03: Scarlett Johansson Talks Monogamy, Women’s March & ‘Ghost in the Shell’ – Playboy
2017/03: For Scarlett Johansson, There Was Nothing Easy About ‘Ghost In The Shell’ – Bustle

Magazine and Press Articles from 2016

2016/12: ‘Admitting That You’re Vulnerable Is a Very Powerful Thing’ – New York Times
2016/01: “You have to want this. I can’t want this for you.” – Flaunt

Magazine and Press Articles from 2015

2015/12: Scarlett Johansson tells Stylist what makes her tick – Stylist Magazine
2015/12: Scarlett Johansson on the scrutiny of Black Widow – Entertainment Weekly
2015/10: Scarlett Johansson: The biggest joy that I have is looking at my daughter – Sunday Express
2015/04: How ScarJo grew to love her Black Widow – USA Today
2015/04: ‘Avengers’ has an A-list trio at its heart – USA Today
2015/04: Scarlett Johansson on parenting, life and Avengers: Age of Ultron – The Daily Telegraph
2015/04: Scarlett Johansson in Black and White – Parade
2015/04: Scarlett Johansson on Finding Love and Protecting Her Daughter – Parade
2015/04: Johansson, Olsen discuss ‘Avengers’ heroines’ move to front lines – Los Angeles Times
2015/02: Scarlett Johansson Is Nobody’s Baby – W Magazine

Magazine and Press Articles from 2014

2014/07: Scarlett Johansson on Lucy, Playing Non-Humans – New York Magazine
2014/05: A(nother) Study in Scarlett – Vanity Fair
2014/04: Scarlett 2.0 – Glamour
2014/04: A Place in the Sun – C Magazine
2014/04: ‘I hate being out of control.’ – Time Out New York
2014/03: Scarlett Johansson Opens Up – Wall Street Journal
2014/03: Scarlett Johansson on the ‘Captain America’ Sequel – Variety
2014/03: The Unstoppable Scarlett Johansson – The New Yorker
2014/03: ‘I would way rather not have middle ground’ – The Guardian
2014/03: ‘I really felt like I was on a hunt’ – The Telegraph
2014/03: The Otherworldy Charms of Scarlett Johansson – Rolling Stone
2014/03: It would be distracting if I took my shirt off and had an eight-pack – Metro
2014/03: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson tease chemistry – Los Angeles Times
2014/03: Scarlett Johansson on Under the Skin – Harpers Bazaar UK
2014/03: Under the Skin of Scarlett Johansson – Dazed
2014/01: Scarlett Johansson on Kicking Ass in The Avengers – Vanity Fair

Magazine and Press Articles from 2013

2013/12: Adult Entertainment – GQ
2013/11: Private Citizen – ELLE Canada
2013/11: The Zaftig Humidity of Scarlett Johansson – Malibu
2013/10: True Romance – Interview
2013/10: Beauty with a Heart – Harpers Bazaar UK
2013/10: The Scarlett Johansson Interview – Esquire UK
2013/10: In the Bedroom with Scarlett Johansson – Esquire
2013/09: Scarlett Johansson on the Metamorphosis of ‘Under the Skin’ – Variety
2013/02: And God Created Woman – ELLE UK
2013/02: Scarlett Johansson on Her Les Miz Audition, Dream Roles – Broadway
2013/02: Fire and Ice – Vogue

Magazine and Press Articles from 2012

2012/12: ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ brings Johansson back to Broadway – USA Today
2012/12: The Kitten Makes Way for the Cat – New York Times
2012/11: Hitchcock Heroine – V Magazine
2012/05: Back in Stride – Vogue
2012/05: Workaholic Johansson gets ‘under the skin’ of roles – Variety
2012/01: Scarlett Fever – Cosmopolitan

Magazine and Press Articles from 2011

2011/12: Scarlett Johansson escapes the tabloid-gossip zoo – USA Today
2011/12: Why Scarlett Johansson Gives a Damn – Interview
2011/11: A Study in Scarlett – Vanity Fair
2011/10: Scarlett Johansson On Vegan Baking, Penelope Cruz – The Huffington Post

Magazine and Press Articles from 2010

2010/12: Scarlett Johansson on A View from the Bridge – Time Out New York
2010/06: Hot for Scarlett – V Magazine
2010/04: Scarlett Johansson fever strikes again – The Independent
2010/01: Frankly, Scarlett – IN New York
2010/01: Scarlett – Harpers Bazaar

Magazine and Press Articles from 2009

2009/09: Scarlett Johansson’s in Love! (but not with this guy) – Glamour
2009/08: The Muse – New York Magazine
2009/02: Scarlett Center Stage – Harpers Bazaar

Magazine and Press Articles from 2008

2008/12: Staying professional, not getting personal – Los Angeles Times
2008/08: Scarlett Johansson’s Ideal Love – Parade
2008/08: Red-Hot Scarlett Johansson – Cosmopolitan
2008/06: i-CON: Scarlett Johansson – i-D
2008/04: My Five Dads – Paste
2008/03: Sister Act – W Magazine
2008/02: ‘Boleyn’ Girls Portman, Johansson Share a Sisterhood Thing – USA Today

Magazine and Press Articles from 2007

2007/11: Scarlett Fever- ELLE
2007/08: Hollywood enters the era of Scarlett Johansson – USA Today
2007/05: The Sexiest Body in the World – Glamour UK
2007/04: Scarlett Letters – Vogue